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Los Angeles-- Pop star Britney Spears surprise wedding and annulment has taken the world by storm. Television shows, radio programs and magazines are trying to figure out why Britney decided to impulsively get hitched then ditch the marriage. Is she really out of control or a confused young woman?

The key to understanding Britney's behavior, insecurities and lifestyle can be directly related to the fact that Britney is an adult child of divorce. Author Jen Abbas, who faced parental divorces at age six and eighteen, understands some of Britney's behavior. Although many people do not know that Britney's parent divorced just a couple years ago, she has been candid about how it affected her life. According to Divorce.com, Britney was "extremely distraught" when she heard the news that her parents were divorcing after 30 years of marriage. "Britney's quickie marriage, annulment and seemingly rebellious behavior of late should be looked at as a cry for help as she continues to survive life in the public eye, while trying to heal from the hurts in her life especially her parents divorce," admits Abbas, "Parents who divorce do not realize that older children will be deeply affected for the rest of their lives."

Roughly 33 million Americans-40% of those between the ages of 18-40 are adult children of divorce. Through research, interviews and her own personal experience, Jen Abbas has written the book Generation Ex: Adult Children and the Healing of Our Pain (Random House/Waterbrook). She admits that resolution to the pain of divorce is not in blaming but in understanding the lifelong effects on adult children of divorce and the impact on the child's life, identity, faith and relationships. "Many issues do not surface until the adult child seeks his/her own intimate relationships, "reveals Abbas, "The stress of keeping the parents happy and balancing the relationships, especially during the holidays, can be overwhelming and frustrating…"

Abbas admits there is hope for Britney and the millions of adult children who still heal through parental divorce, "Society often downplays the impact divorce plays on the adult child. When the template of marriage is broken the adult child needs to intentionally discover how to build the kind of relationships they desire. Otherwise, they will default back to what has been modeled. Britney needs to really take a look at some of the triggers that elicit her decisions and allow herself time to heal the hurt and pain in her life." Britney has had to deal with some very personal challenges including her parent's divorce, her own romantic breakup and now a marriage labeled as a "joke that went too far" but many wonder what surprise will surface next.

To schedule an interview with author Jen Abbas, please contact Pure Publicity at 818-753-4056 or Purepublicity@aol.com.

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