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May 16, 2004
Generation Ex Recommended on DiscerningReader.com

May 16, 2004
Interview With Jen Abbas On ParentMinistry.org

April 30, 2004
GraceCentered.org reviews Generation Ex

April 23, 2004
ChristianBookPreviews.com Reviews Generation Ex!

March 7, 2004
Adult Children Of Divorce - Hope & Healing (dowload as .pdf)

January 24, 2004
Author of Divorce Resource Gives Insight To Britney Spears Wedding & Annulment


This is a brilliant book! Though I have never faced the issues Jen Abbas talks about, I was still enthralled because Jen is such an engaging writer. Her counsel is as practical as it is profound, and relevant not just for children of divorced couples, but any couple considering a divorce or anyone ministering to the children of divorce. You hold in your hands the debut of a gifted writer in whom the calling of God is most evident. —Gary Thomas, author of Sacred Marriage

Though I'm a once-broken child of divorce, I've been happily married for over twenty years and am experiencing deep intimacy with my Abba Father. Through God, you can not only heal, but you can yet have your fondest dreams come true. Let Him help you through the vulnerable, honest and insightful discussions in Generation Ex.

Jen Abbas is so masterful in weaving practical helps into her message that Generation Ex feels like a hybrid….is it a book or a workbook? She couldn't have chosen a better format, because processing the smothering pain and enduring fears born of a parent's divorce takes conscious work. Halfway through its pages, I was personally struck again by the overwhelming weight of the emotions of those years to the point of tears, and yet I was struck once more by the hope soaking every page as this revolutionary book wound towards its close. Generation Ex will surely free countless broken hearts to sing again. —Fred Stoeker, author of Every Man's Battle and Every Woman's Desire

Jen has written a powerful book with a desperately needed message of hope for a lost generation. What's more she does it with an honesty that is refreshing and the intimacy of someone who has walked down this road herself. I was personally moved by the deeply personal revelations in this book; and, as a result, I have been able to see the issues at work in my family in a much clearer way. The courage and compassion it took to write this book amazes me. Thank you Jen for allowing God to use you in such an important way. —Brad Miles, Everman

Generation Ex truly surprised me. I anticipated more of a soft biographical sketch of Jen's own life as a child of divorce. While it certainly has biographical elements, it is far more than that. Generation Ex is packed with stories gleaned from countless interviews of children of divorce, statistics gathered from a wide range of sources and great interactive ways for the reader to work through their own buried emotions resulting from a life thrust upon them by the mistakes and sins of their parents. Throughout the book Jen has provided practical means for the reader to come to grips with a reality that they have tried to bury under a facade of normalcy, all the while knowing that things were not quite right and would never be normal again.

Generation Ex is not a comfortable book to read. It isn't intended to be. It is like a surgeon's knife that has to do some damage before it bring the desired healing. Jen has succeeded in gently, yet effectively, cutting away the facade of normalcy that children of divorce hide behind in order to expose the real disease of the soul caused by circumstances beyond their control. While this is not a pretty process, it is necessary if true healing is to take place. Throughout this book Jen has gently, yet effectively, confronted the reader with the hard truth and then given them the means with which to begin the healing process. She has done this through places to reflect, consistent reliance on the Bible as an authoritative source, and a really tough "challenge" at the end of each chapter to make the reader dig deep into their soul to find the answers for themselves. The resources at the end of each chapter provide a library of additional readings that make Generation Ex something that will be referred to again and again. —Tim Way, Sr. Book Buyer for Family Christian Stores

This fine book is an excellent resource for both those seeking healing from the experience of divorced parents as well as those seeking to minister to them. Jen weaves together personal stories, practical exercises, and her Christian faith in a masterful way that is highly readable and motivating. Her voice of experience is compassionate, credible, and challenging to the reader to not only understand, but also move forward in a process of healing and restoration. This book is an essential resource for any professional who wants to understand and guide adult children of divorce through a comprehensive healing process. —Tom Emigh, Vice President for Student Development, Cornerstone University

Anyone who has suffered the experience of their parents’ divorce will be blessed by this book. Jen Abbas will gently guide you on the path of personal health and wholeness with her vulnerability, wisdom and biblical counsel. —Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott, Seattle Pacific University, Authors of When Bad Things Happen to Good Marriages

More research is coming out every day about the long-term effects of divorce on now grown children. As a veteran in the publishing world, Jen Abbas knows where there are holes in the market that need filling. Jen also knows the hurt of growing up in a divorced home and offers practical, biblical help for the thousands [millions] like her-and like me. Generation Ex is a timely resource that hits a major felt need in our country. —Dr. John Trent, President, StrongFamilies.com, Author of Pictures Your Heart Remembers, Love is a Decision and The Blessing

If you are brave enough, I would encourage anyone who has been affected by a divorce to read this book. Jen deals with this very delicate subject head on as only someone with her past family experience can do. I have written about divorce in my song, “You’re My Little Girl” and am constantly being approached by children of divorced parents who are struggling with the very things talked about in this book. I am so thankful that somebody had the guts to step up to the plate and write a book like this. I will always have copies of Generation Ex on hand to give to these kids at every concert we do. —Jamie Statema, Member of the vocal group Go Fish

The lingering effects of divorce will cripple adolescents and attempt to destroy the emotional health of adult children unless hope and healing can be found. Generation Ex helps readers take a big step in that healing process, equipping adult children of divorce to own their pain before they disown it and allow the losses in their lives to make them better, more healthy adults.” —Gary Sprague, president, Center for Single-Parent Family Ministry

Like many of you reading this book, I am an adult child of divorce. For the past decade I have been on a parallel journey with Jen Abbas as I have tried to make peace with my broken childhood.

I wish I could say that the task has gotten easier as I have gotten older, but much to my disappointment, that hasn't been the case. The more I mature as a Christian and the more I grow as a man, the more I understand all that I missed as a child and how much I need to grow and heal. I feel led to unlock the doors that have been closed to me for so long, and try to put back together the pieces of my childhood. Each step in the healing process brings a new challenge. Layers of hurt that I didn't even know existed get uncovered and I am forced to either deal with the pain or suppress it once again. But since I know that denial halts the growth process, have chosen to press on at whatever the cost. It's what's best for me, my wife, Jennifer, and our family. And ultimately it's what's best for you.

The book that you are holding will be your handbook as you continue on your own journey of redemption. Along the way you will find it necessary to grieve the past that was stolen from you; this book with help you cope. You will also mourn the loss of the innocence you deserved; this book will give you comfort. You will be challenged to forgive, and this book will show you how. And as you move from hurt and bitterness to release and freedom, this book with inspire and help you grow into the man or woman you were meant to be.

Growing up as a child of divorce is hard. For me it has been the definition of pain, a death that continues dying. But even this can be overcome, and its long-lasting effects can be softened to the point of nonexistence. Remember, the same Lord who brought Lazarus back from the dead is able to bring your spirit, or at least the parts that have been crushed, back to life as well. But you have to want it. You have to be willing to press on at all costs, no matter how bad it hurts. If you do and if you are, then this is your book.

See you on the other side! —Jeromy Deibler of FFH

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