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Kids of Divorced Parents Straddle a Divided World by Karen S. Peterson
This USA Today article (7/14/03) outlines the two major views of the lifelong impact of parental divorce.

Adult Children of Divorced Parents
This informative site includes resources, exercises and common characteristics.

Children of Divorce by Rev. Arly Pryor
An overview of the impact of divorce.

Painful Legacy of Divorce Breakup's Effect On Children Often Reaches Far into Adulthood by HealthyPlace.com
An insight review of Judith Wallerstein's The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce.

Failing to Honor Our Parents by Michael P. Andrus
A pastor's take on what it means to honor our parents, even when they aren't honorable.

Dealing with Divorced Parents By Eileen Livers
Practical help for bride and grooms.

When the Kids Aren't Kids by DivorceInfo.com
A wealth of help for adults going through their parents' divorce.

Cracking Truth From Stone by Maia Kelly Rossini
Maia's memoir illustrates how her father's music helped her understand her parents' split.

Is there Hope For Lasting Marriage By Dennis Rainey
The Host of FamilyLife Today offers relationships advice to college students

Child of Divorce
Song and Commentary by Peter Cross

How Happy Can Marriage Be? by Drs. Susan and Philip Robinson
Marital Expectations of Children of Divorce

Adult Children of Divorce By Elizabeth Marquardt
A series of articles by a COD and affiliate scholar at the Instititue for American Values

No Excuses by Everett L. Worthington, Jr., and R. Kirby Worthington
How to have a great marriage even if you had lousy role models

Children of Divorce by Karen L. Maudlin
Steps to calm our fears of divorcing ourselves.

If Your Parents' Got Divorced By Leslie Parrott
Relationship experts (one of whom is a COD) offer insight and encouragement for children of divorce.

How do you “honor” a parent who wasn’t there for you?
Counselor and COD John Trent addresses a difficult dilemma

The Effects of Divorce on Children and Families by Dr. T. E. Linaman
Though directed to parents considering divorce, this overview of current research on the lifelong effects of divorce on children is very informative.

The Top Ten Myths of Divorce by David Popenoe
Discussion of the most common misinformation about divorce.

Childhood Divorce Fuels Fire of New Rock by Steve Beard, Washington Times
This insightful article notes how lifelong issues of divorce are showing up in songs by popular artists.

The Culture of Divorce by Brian Orchard
An examination of how the commonality of divorce has changed our culture.

The Legacy of Divorce by Elizabeth Farnsworth
Transcript of an 2000 interview with Judith Wallerstein, the leading expert on the lifelong issues of divorce on children.

Helping Children of Divorce by Jim Conway
Author of Adult Children of Legal or Emotional Divorce
Practical information to help our loved ones understand our quirks.

The Effect of Parental Divorce on Adult Children's Romantic Relationships by Noelle Wood
An academic article on how divorce affects our love life.

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