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he following questions are designed to help you reflect on the impact of your parents' divorce. I appreciate the confidential contribution of your honest answers as I share our experiences with others.

If you would rather download a text version of this survey, please click here. After completing the questions, email the text version to me.

Thank you for taking the time to share your story.

GENERAL INFO (required fields identified with *):
*Email Address
*Age at parent's divorce?
Age at second divorce?
How long ago did your parents' divorce?
How long were your parents' married?
Do you have siblings?
If so, how many?
Are you married, or have you been married?
At what age did you marry?

1. How did you learn about your parents' divorce?

2. To the best of your knowledge, why did your parents divorce? Do you agree with this reasoning? Do you think the divorce was a good decision for them? For you?

3. Have you ever had a conversation with either of your parents about their marriage and divorce? If so, how old were you? Tell me about it.

4. How do you think your parents' divorce has affected your life for better and/or for worse?

5. Have either of your parents remarried? If so, tell me about that experience.

6. Who do you consider your immediate family now?

7. How has the divorce affected your relationships?

8(a). Do any of these patterns reflect your relationship patterns.
Trust is built in degrees. I have high expectation for those with whom I chose to enter relationships. Once trust is established, I am very loyal.
I tend to initiate the end of my relationships. I'd rather leave someone that be rejected or abandoned myself.
I tend to stay in long term relationships. Anything is better than being alone.

8(b) - In what way does the description relate to you?

9. What are five traditions or patterns you hope to pass down from your family?

10. What are five things you hope to change?

11. How do you celebrate the holidays?

12. What was the role of faith in your parents' life?

13. What is the role of faith in your life?

14. What does Love mean to you?

15. What does Home mean to you?

16. What does Commitment mean to you?

17. What does Family mean to you?

18. What advice have your parents given you about marriage and relationships?

19. If you are single, how has your parents' divorce affected your decision to pursue or not pursue romantic relationships? Give an example.

20. If you are married, how has your parents' divorce affected your own marriage? Give an example.

21. Is there anyone who has a marriage that you'd like to have. Tell me about it.

22. What suggestions would you give to friends to meet your needs better?

23. Have you come to a place of peace about your past? If so, how have you reached that point? If not, what is holding you back?

24. What would you like a book for children of divorce to address?

25. Is there anything else you'd like to share about your experience as a child of divorce?

26. How did you hear about JenAbbas.com?

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