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am woman of faith and I freely acknowledge that I need the support and prayers of others to be successful in this endeavor.

If you would be so inclined I would appreciate your prayers for:
-Wisdom and discernment to write from God's perspective not mine. A consistent desire to write with grace and love focused on our healing, not our hurts.
- Discipline and inspiration to continue to sacrifice my time productively so that I may write well and within deadline.
- Pray for my relationships. This project takes a lot of time away from those I love. Pray for their support and encouragement even though the focus of our time, for now, is on quantity, not quality.
-Pray that the words my family reads when this book is released will bring continued healing to our relationships.
-For the staff at WaterBrook & Random House. Ask that God would bless them for their faith in this work. Pray that they will have wisdom to serve well and discernment as they prepare to publish and promote this book.
-Pray for adult children of divorce, that they will find peace as they look to God for healing. Pray also that if it is God's will, they will begin to make their desire for a book like this known to their local bookstores. If it is God's will, pray that they will support this book.
-Pray for the divorced parents who, in seeing this book on the shelf, may be angry or defensive. Pray that they will be filled with an understanding of the grace and compassion with which it written. Pray that they will come to a point of admitting their responsibility to their children and former spouses, and if possible, that those relationships will be restored.
-Pray for those retailers who need to make a decision about carrying my book. Pray that they will develop a personal passion for the topic, knowing that many of their customers will benefit from the truth it contains.

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