Volume 2 * August 23, 2003

Hello Friends!

Welcome to the newsletter. There's lots of news to share with you about the upcoming book, Generation Ex: Adult Children of Divorce and the Healing of Our Pain. Let's dig in, shall we?

If you heard the loud whooshing sound, it was the sound of relief as I turned in the final manuscript a few weeks ago. It is an amazingly gratifying feeling to complete a task that was a distant dream for so many years.

The design team at WaterBrook did an incredible job with the cover. They had quite the challenge in trying to find an image that would evoke the emotions of divorce without being too depressing. I absolutely love their choice. Click on the link below to view.

If you haven't visited in awhile, I'd like to invite you to stop by. My webmaster has been busy adding articles of interest, new links and more. Here's a sampling of what's new:

My first journal entry:

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The Message Board is live! Pleases stop by to post your thoughts.

Lyrics: If Children of Divorce had a soundtrack, these would be our songs.

Resource: 10 Tips for Divorced Parents: (I am amazed and incredibly blessed by the divorced parents who have supported this endeavor)

Article link: Childhood Divorce Fuels Fire of New Rock

Related link: WaterBrook Press-my publisher!


If you are a person of faith, I greatly appreciate prayers lifted on behalf of this book, my team and myself. Specifically, I would ask for prayer for:

  • The ability to complete my revisions with inspired productivity, disciplined focus and little sleep!
  • Wisdom for the WaterBrook team as they continue to create my marketing plan
  • Continued opportunities to meet with and hear the experiences of other children of divorce.

    Until next time…

    Abba's Child,
    1 John 3:1a