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Generation Ex is now available! Order online here:
- FamilyChristian.com
- ChristianBook.com
- Amazon.com
- BarnesandNoble.com
- Parable.com
- LifewayStores.com

Today I approved the script for the audio versions of Generation Ex. The book manuscript is 65,000 words; the audio is only 30,000. Where were these guys when I was cutting from 120,000! I think the folks at Brilliance Audio did a great job capturing the good stuff!

My publicist called and scheduled my first two interviews. The first one is next Thursday with ParentingTeenagers.org. The other is a LIVE interview with wwjc.com. Check my schedule for exact dates.

What a surreal day. My doorbell rang and when I opened the door, I found 4 boxes from WaterBrook. At last, I hold in my hand a REAL copy of Generation Ex. The folks at WaterBrook did a great copy with the cover, the interior design, the paper...everything. I can't wait for you to read it. Pre-buy your copy today at any of these sites:
- FamilyChristian.com
- ChristianBook.com
- Amazon.com
- BarnesandNoble.com
- Parable.com
- LifewayStores.com

My first press release went out today. Read it here.


I'm honored to be receiving some great early reviews of Generation Ex. You can read them here.


Next week is a big one in the young life of Generation Ex. It will be introduced to the sales team on Wednesday morning. From there, the team will be talking to book buyers everywhere. Exciting stuff!

Great news! The folks love the book. My goal has always been to balance honesty with grace. I'm so pleased that my parents deemed my efforts a success. The counselor also gave an enthusiastic thumbs up! So the final draft is on its way out the door. Praise God!

My final draft is nearly done. I'm sending manuscripts to my mom, dad and stepdad to review before turning it in. I'm also sending it to a counselor to get a "professional" perspective. Let the nailbiting begin!

I will be presenting a workshop with my writer's group at the Calvin College Festival of Faith and Writing! Our panel will help shed light on an author role in promotion. If you're a writer at heart, mark your calendar now for April 22-25. Learn more here. Fun fact: the conference is the weekend after Generation Ex releases.


Wow! The design team at WaterBrook came up with a killer cover. Check it out here and let me know what you think. The message board is always open.


The initial marketing phase as begun. Here's a first look at the back cover copy for Generation Ex.
Finally, a Book for Adult Children of Divorce
Written by an Adult Child of Divorce.

One of the hardest truths about divorce is that every split will have lifelong effects on the children caught in the crossfire. It is common knowledge that children suffer during a divorce. Yet our most significant insecurities, questions, and doubts may not show up for years, until as adults we seek out our own intimate relationships.

In fact, millions of adult children of divorce feel lost, displaced, or unwanted years after the ink has dried on their parents' divorce decree. Like them, you may fear abandonment, betrayal, or failure in your own marriage. You may feel emotionally insecure despite academic or professional success, or you may notice that your parents' divorce affects you more each year, not less. You are not alone.

Through research, interviews, and personal stories, Generation Ex will help you to understand the effect of your parents' divorce on your identity, faith, and relationships-especially marriage-and will give you the tools you need to create a dramatically different legacy.


Jen Abbas is an adult child of divorce who has dedicated herself to discovering how children of divorce can change the patterns of their past. Currently the copy and content chief for a national retailer, Jen makes her home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her website is www.abbaschild.org.

At long last, this project has an official name: Generation Ex: Adult Children of Divorce and the Healing of Our Pain. I'm so glad to have that settled. I could publish a whole book of rejected title ideas! :-) Kudos to the WaterBrook Team!

At last! My new website is launched! With the rush to make my deadline, I had to put it aside for a few weeks but at last, here it is! I think my webmaster did an incredible job. If you're looking for a web guru, Kevin comes highly recommended. Click here for his website.

My editor emailed me today to say she has started reading! I'll admit, I'm a little nervous. This is my first book. For seven years it's been a constant dream, and for the last 18 months it has taken up most of my non-working, non-sleeping hours. It seems so surreal to be done with that most difficult phase of being disciplined to write it out. Now to have it in someone else's hands is really scary. I really want her to like it. I take comfort in knowing that her job is to help me create the most clear, concise and compelling book possible. I should receive her comments the first week of March. I'll check in thenů.

This day has long since been circled on my calendar—MANUSCRIPT DUE DATE! And by the grace of God, I made it! As of 9:45 this morning, my first draft is on its way to my editor.

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