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f you only knew three things about Jen Abbas, she would want you to know that her life vision is to:
1. Establish a godly heritage
2. Make an eternal difference
3. Find joy in life, regardless of her circumstances.

If you only knew two things about Jen Abbas, she would want you to know that her life message is that:
1. Children of divorce are not destined to follow their parent's footsteps.
2. Worship is a way of life.

If you only knew one thing about Jen Abbas, she would want you to know that she is Abba's Child.

Jen Abbas experienced two divorces during her formative years, first when she started school at age 6, and then again as she graduated at age 18. Like many of her generation, divorce defined her and formed the lens through which she saw the world. Her need for stability lead her to a relationship with her Abba Daddy at age 19.

As she sought to embrace her new identity in Christ, she discovered that she is not the victim society allows her to be, because as a believer, her place in God's family is permanent. His love for her is unconditional. His resources are unending. His faithfulness, unfailing. Jen's series on Mistaken Identity offers an overview of the lifelong effects of parental divorce and pracitical advice on creating a new marriage model, learning from parents' mistakes, anticipating triggers, finding home and more.

Mistaken Identity:
Target Audience:Key Topics:
Adult children of divorce (18-35)The Lifelong Effects of Divorce
College studentsMaking Peace
Young singlesThe Effect of Divorce on Faith
Youth workersaaHonoring Our Parents
Learning from Our Parents' Past
Finding Home
Choosing to Love
Creating Our Own Marriage Models
Anticipating Our Triggers
Additional topics for singles

As Jen's faith grew, so too did her joy and desire for righteousness. Her series, Worship as a Way of Life, explains that true worship is an inward, outward, upward and onward response to the influence of Jesus Christ in a believer's life. It involves frequent self-examination, behavior that offers a clear explanation of our values, upward exclamation of our love for Christ and a hopeful expectation that God is working through us.

Worship As A Way Of Life:
Target Audience:Key Topics:
Lead worshippersWorship involves self-examination
Church groupsWorship involves behavior that clearly explains our values
College StudentsWorship involves exclamation of praise
Singles Worship involves expectation that God is working through us

Jen is also available to speak on the topics of Intentional Integrity and Transitions.

For booking information, click here.

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It's official! On July 29, 2007, Jen Abbas became Jen Abbas de Jong!
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